5“ wide plank dark cuamru hardwood flooring

5“ wide plank dark cuamru hardwood flooring

Species: Cumaru  (Brazilian Teak) 

Feature : very resistant to termites and decay,extremely hard and durable with Janka rating over 3000psi

Board specification: RLX5"X3/4"

Solid T & G  Matt UV finished

Edge&Side:  Micro-Beveled

Warranty: 50 years plus residential use

Price Range:3.1-3.5USD/M2

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dark cumaru wide plank in 5" width

 review of cumaru wide plank with dark color sheen

tongue & groove profile of cumaru plank

Advantage of Cumaru Wide Plank Hardwood Floors

1. Sound & Heat Insulation

With hard, dense wood fiber structure, low thermal conductivity  , the wood have a effect of against the sound and heat , better than cement, tile and steel.

2. Adjust Humidity

 Absorb and release moisture in the air, can automatically adjust the indoor temperature, humidity, reduce the rheumatic diseases

3. Adjust Room Temperature
In winter, ,the surface temperature of braizilian teak plank 8 ℃ -10 ℃ higher than the ceramic. people walking on the wooden floor without cold feeling, while in summer, the surface temperature  of the plank 2 ℃ - 3℃ lower than the ceramic.

4. Eco Friendly
From the wood to paint ,it is  green and harmless. Unlike the tiles with radiation, the laminate flooring with formaldehyde, Brazilian chesnut flooring is a natural green and harmless building materials.

5.  Noble and Elegant
It comes from the high-grade hardwood materials.Natural texture , make people feel noble and elegant.

6.  High Durability

Cumaru has good ability of  high density,very resistant to termites and decay, so it is extremely hard and durable with 25 Years residential warranty.