About Mahogany

Santos Mahogany is one of the most coveted exotic hardwoods in the world. Its beautiful reddish brown to deep red color remains constant over time, and its tight grain serves as an exquisite accompaniment to the rich colors with its fine, distinctive strokes. Like many Brazilian exotics, Santos Mahogany offers not only a beautiful visual appearance but astounding durability as well. For longevity and amazing looks, Santos Mahogany is tough to beat.

Wood of Santos Mahogany is very hard and resistant to moisture and temperature fluctuations. Santos Mahogany that originates from South America is stronger, more durable and more color-fast than its Northern counterpart. Measuring 2200psi on the Janka scale.All of Yorking Hardwood  offered flooring products, are of a Select & Better quality grade, including our rich Santos Mahogany Flooring.

Santos mahogany wood flooring specifications

Origin: Brazil,South America
Species: Myroxylon,Balsamum
Density: 0.85-0.95g/cm3
Janka Hardness: 2200psi
Termite Resistance: High
Floor Type: Solid /Engineered
Joint: T&G /Click lock
Condition: Kiln Dried
Grade: A/AB
Finish: UV/Lacquered/Unfinished
Photo Sensitivity Weak

Installation: Floating/Nail Down/Glue Dow

Delivery Options :

Our  minimum order size is 300 square meter .

Our ship Directly from Guangzhou in container loads shipped to your port of choice.

 Mahogany  flooring from Yorking Hardwood Overview :

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