About Natural Oiled Plank

natural oiled teak flooring

light warm wax oiled teak

Natural oiled teak flooring are mostly favored by Japanese & European customers as the flooring  plank is treated by 0% chemical addictives pure natural coating. Deeply nourished teak wood present full natural beauty without any "plastic film" coating layer on surface like PU or UV finish, by which you can feel all the natural wood veins. It gets more & more popular by the people who has more eco-friendly awareness in western countries.


Based on the awareness of Eco-Friendly, Yorking Hardwood select Germany imported OSMO wax oil to make teak wood plank surface treatment,which is nearly the highest industry standard free of any poisonous emssions to our enviroment.OSMO is a company of 115 years from Germany develop interior & exterior wood finish only.

Osmo teak oil is developed specially for teak wood plank flooring,as burma teak wood contains rich resin compostions inside the wood with high durability, it just increased termite & corrosion resistance by applying OSMO oil finish.The wax & oil compositions is capable to penetrate into teak wood fibers where it block the liquid water come inside.Unlike traditional Polyurethan lacquere,natual oil finish enable the wood breath freely in the air,therefore excessive movement & shrinkage of the wood been reduced.

The main compositions of OSMO oil finish comes from natural plant Tung oil & Castor oil which abstracted from green plant fully recycble!

Yorking Hardwood mill teak for interior hardwood floor,outdoor parquet flooring with natural oil finish for regular board size as below:

Width: 75mm,93mm,122mm,150mm

Thickness: 15mm,18mm,21mm


( random length 450-1200mm plank mixed is preferable on supply)


Natural oiled teak flooring parquet carefully grade the teak floor plank into 3 classes which present different look :

1. Uniform straight grain premier grade

2. Slected Universal Grade

3. Rustic ABC grade

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