About Unfinished Hardwood Floors

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About Unfinished Hardwood Floors

Unfinished hardwood floors refers the full solid wood planks milled directly from lumbers which has been treated on oven drying facility in factory, but just not applying any chemical finish yet.As each natural hardwood species grown up with different properties such as density,strength,hardness etc,they follow different processing time on drying facility to reach proper stability for onsite hardwood flooring installation.

All unfinished hardwood flooring plank surface has been sanded smooth enough by factory machines,ready with Tongue & Groove,you can do quick installation on your jobsite and applying last finish by your self or stain it just by any colors you want.

Most of hardwood for unfinshed wood floors we supply is Standard & Better Grade , while it still keeps interesting and moderate natural features to enhance the look of real hardwood but has a fairly clean appearance.Some more rustic grade timber are not suggested as you'll hardly to control the finish look unless pretreated & repaired by factory wokers in advance.

The main wood variety we can mill for unfinished hardwood flooring are : oak , maple , acacia ,cumaru,American black walnut, merbau ,teak ,iroko. Each boxes of the wood planks are firmly packed wtih anti-dampness plastic film to prevent excessive moisture absorbtion during transportation.Unfinished hardwood floors comes with lower prices(0.2-0.3usd/s.q.f) comparing with same grade prefinished flooring.


Oak 2.6-2.9USD/s.q.f 5" x 3/4"/smooth
Maple 2.4-2.8USD/s.q.f 5" x 3/4"/smooth
Acacia 2.8-3.4USD/s.q.f 5" x 3/4"/smooth
Cumaru 3.1-3.8USD/s.q.f 5" x 3/4"/smooth
Iroko 2.9-3.5USD/s.q.f 5" x 3/4"/smooth
Merbau 2.7-3.3USD/s.q.f 3.75" x 3/4"/smooth
Tauari 2.4-2.9USD/s.q.f 5" x 3/4"/smooth
American Walnut 4.5-5.5USD/s.q.f 3.75" x 3/4"/smooth

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Displaying 1 to 13 ( of 13 products)