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cumaru-brazilian teak

Brazilian teak(cumaru) hardwood flooring is one of most durable exotic South American hardwood widely known for heavy duty decking & interior flooring use across the world( Europe,North America & Asia).China is the No.1 market been exported from Peru milling prefinished hardwood flooring.

Short cumaru solid wide plank & narrow strip flooring with 2-3ft'length is the prefrerable size in Asia market, while the outdoor flooring in long plank size is not prevailing.3-8ft' brazilain teak outdoor deck flooring is prefered only in Europe & USA market.

We source & mill the Oven Dried( MC 10%-12%) brazilian teak rough sawn timber here in local factory for interior hardwood flooring.There is a year on year cost increase trend for this strong wood.( cumaru is nearly twice hard as white oak,2980psi),it can be even used on dancing wood floors with such a high wearing & dent resistance.Brazilian teak wood flooring is guaranteed with life time span for common residential use.So the benefit is comparable with its cost.

Comparing with Burma Teak, braziian teak flooring price is on middle range, 5-8USD/m2 higher than chinese teak, 20-28USD/m2 lower than burmese teak based on standard plank dimensions & timber grade.


data sheet of brazilian teak


Timber Origin South America, Brazil,Peru
Species: Dipteryx.Odorata
Density: 0.95g/cm3-1.05g/cm3
MOR: 24800psi
Janka Hardness: 3540psi
Termite Resistance: High
Floor Type: Solid T&G  3/4” thick
Plank Size: 3.75"-5"x 3/4"
Surafce: Smooth
Color Dark Brown,Light yellow
Joint: Micro-beveled 
Condition: Kiln Dried  10%-12%
Gloss: Matt    (25°
Grade: AB grade
Finish: Aluminium Oxide 9 coats UV finished
Photo Sensitivity NO
Warranty: 35 years residential
Installation: Nail Down


New update !!!

Since 2015.8 , cuamru hardwood raw timber international cost dropped 10%-13% due to the overall demand decrease in China , it allow our factory offer better price for cumaru ( brazilian teak ) prefinished solid wide plank hardwood floors.

Our offer is:

5" x 3/4"  selected grade  Cumaru  ( prefinished )

solid T&G hardwood floors

Price: 2.9-3.3USD/s.q.f


The price might be periodically lower ,so further price change will come without notification. Any in time inquiry by mail would be welcomed.

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