About Natural Unfinished

warm light unfinished teak     original teak plank from burma

About Unfinished Teak 

True teak(tectona grandis.spp) is a special hardwood grown in the area of South east Asia tropical forest , the timber come up with a natural resistance to cruel weathering condition that you can hardly find form other hardwood.

That's why teak wood flooring,decking,stair tread,doors or wall paneling are seen on many upscale luxury building interior decorations.

Original unfinished teak wood plank gives out a very pleasant fragrant smell which last for many years for interior wood flooring .

We supply solid T&G raw teak plank for interior wood flooring as well as for exterior wood flooring or outdoor flooring cutting to customized sizes.

Unfinished Teak Flooring Plank Size:    3/4" x 5" ,  3/4" x 3.75"  with T&G  

Unfinished teak wood floors tends to undergoes significant color change( from fresh pale to golden yellow or dark brown) when exposed to air & sunlight with the process of sunlight oxidation.It gives out a unique teak fragrant smell which makes people feel refreshing & pleasant .

Full solid teak flooring can even last above 80 years without maintenace for resdential use becuse of its excellent anti-corrosion,anti-insects properties,which you are hardly to find from other timber species in the world.



1.         a variety of colors and tones can be chosen

2.         a variety of speciesgrains and pores

3.         a wide selection of designs

4.         it is possible for square edge to install


1.         should be polished and finished on site

2.         from polishing to finishing must spend more time

the measurement of all wood is on the basis of the unfinished wood flooring

3.         smell of PU chemicals

4.         the finish from factory is more durable than we make it ourselves

About 37% of the solid wood flooring are installed as a unfinished flooring, teak is one of the best among them.

it is estimated that more than 300 million square feet(27.87 million square miles) of the unfinished wood flooring have been installed in the American family in 2014 and it will be a growing trend every year.

Any kind of wood can be made as the unfinished wood flooring and it is different from engineered wood flooring. From the traditional species such as Red Oak, Maple,birch to tropical hardwood like Asian Teak, Sapele, Wenge,Merbau, Ipe,Acacia etc, you have a wide range of choice for unfinished hardwood flooring thanks to our lumber varieties.

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Displaying 1 to 4 ( of 4 products)