About Teak Decking

teak outdoor flooring for swimming pools

For hundreds of years burma teak timber from Asia is used on marine ship deck buidling,which is a strong proof that true asian teak wood (tectona grandis) is the best waterproof outdoor wood decking material widely used on high humidity areas like swimming pools,seaside residential housing,balcony and even bathrooms or showering rooms.

Besides that, teak outdoor wood decking is very durable with extremly high  mildew & insects, rot resistance,where is even similar to marine conditions.It is regarded as one of best decking wood in the world which is superior than other common hardwood decking like  cumaru, ipe, merbau,balau under harsh climate conditions.

Yorking Hardwood from South China, source & mill burma teak wood plank for outdoor wood flooring, wood floor tiles & decking, catering to the clients for high end residential projects like villa,swimming pools,balcony,porch,courtyard or showering bathrooms.

Until now, Yorking Hardwood had been served many renowned Five star hotel projects , private villas,government buildings on Mideast Areas,Europe,Australia  as well as Russia where our client specially need burma teak wood decking & flooring plank.


Timber origin: South China ,Indonesia,Burma
Moisture Content: 14%-16% for exterior weather conditions
Janka Hardness:1050psi
Grade: Selected
Surafce: Smooth & Reeded Anti-slip
Treatment: Unfinished or Weathering Resistant oiled
Connection Profile: S4S / T&G / Pre Grooved
Board Dimension: 900-2400 x 90/100/120/140 x 20mm other customized size per request
Installation: Nail down onto square wood beam
Warranty: Life time span(over 50 years) under properly maintenance

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Displaying 1 to 5 ( of 5 products)