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burmese teak solid plank seasoning   raw teak plank for wood floor

Yorking Hardwood is a leading hardwood flooring,parquet wood flooring and decking supplier located in Foshan of South China which is close Guangzhou airportfocus on the fragmented solid timber flooring market over 12 years. Based on abundant experience of raw material procurement, wood plank milling, sunlight seasoning as well as moisture control , advanced timber surface coating technology, we could be your most trusted interior solid hardwood flooring supplier from Asia. In the meantime ,we promote real solid wood under ground-heating flooring as a leadership company in the market of China on this field.

Why choose us?

I. Raw Material

We import  lumber & sawn timber directly from coutry area of Asia, Africa,South America etc where is the best origin place of natural hardwood timber in the world. Our procurement staff impose strict quality inspection before the timber goes through Customer declaration from the board area of Yunnan Province in South East China and Burma Forest Areas.

II. Advanced Factory Facility

In our workshop we own  Homag and Weinig 4-side plane, Fengchaou Painting line /brush / sending / glue equipment,5 big dry kilns, which is a guarantee for high precisely milled solid wood flooring plank , parquet & decking products.

wood parquet milling machine   factory show

machine-2   production equipment

III. Products Range

Yorking Hardwood deveoped a wide range of solid hardwood flooring ,engineered hardwood flooring & parquet flooring products. We can process just any color,finish & structured parquet flooring with many tropical wood species inclduding ( merbau, maghogany, acacia, cumaru, kempas ,teak , rosewood, garapa ,iroko ,okan , walnut etc ) for small parquet, long thick plank, engineered strip flooring, finger jointed plank floor,artistic parquet floor, s4s decking, pre grooved deck floor etc.Our regular stock wood give us quick shipping capability to supply to worldwide regions even for small diversified requirments for our client project......

Althuogh we mainly work on exotic hardwod flooring and engineered hardwood flooring, we could mill traditional timber species like oak , maple , birch, ash as well.

IV. Our Production & Service Process

teak flooring manufacturing process