About Smoked Oak

smoked & natural oiled engineered oak flooring

About smoked oak

Smoked oak floorboard comes in addtional treatment we called fumed process by putting unfinished oak overlay for a few days inside a room full of ammonia vapour.The chemical reaction inside of the oak wood - tannin acide with amonia makes the wood color changes to a more elegant darker color tone.And the smoking process will increase wood durability on weathering & insects attack resistance,while by traditional color stain you can never achieve.

Overlay Timber species:

European oak/ French Oak / Russian Oak / American Oak

Production Flexibility:

As leading oak timber flooring manufacturer in China, we mill both 3 layer smoked oak engineered floors and multi-layered smoked oak flooring with plank width 150mm ,190mm ,220mm even 280mm super wide. We can supply both deep smoked oak and light smoked one to present different finish per builders' requirments. We can select either premier AB grade timber or CD grade per degree of wood characters.

Packing info:

7-8pcs per carton with length 1910-2110mm  15% shorter plank 900-1200mm mixed
All carton sealed with Anti-dampness plastic film
Pallet load 105-125mm2 each

Common Plank Dimension:

1200x125x12mm /1200x150x15mm

1900x190x10mm / 1900x190x12mm /1900x190x15mm

2200x220x18mm /2200x260x20mm

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Displaying 1 to 3 ( of 3 products)