I. Procedures of teak floor raw material  preparation

2-3 years period of time lumber storage for natural seasoning 
1.raw material from storage in Yunnan province
2.raw teak board selection

20%-30% for fixed length teak plank
3.mill raw teak board for floor plank size
4.rough sanded plank air drying 

after second drying process, teak timber turns golden yellow with excellent stability for flooring use
5.kiln drying for 15 days
6. raw board inspection

board with sapwood,checking,knots will be picked up,top grade vertical grain wood will be selected for other special use

7. ready to use teak raw plank storage

II. Finished products manufacturing procedures

  drying under sunlight for one week( 25℃-35℃)                               →                                   
spraing water for seasoning
 sunlight & air oxidation

7 times base lacquer finish process on one long production line 


prime coating on machines
prime finished teak plank

final 2 times top wearing resistant protective lacquer finish on floorboard
packing in warehouse