About Merbau

Indonesia red merbau

About Merbau Wood Flooring

Indonesia Merbau timber is a well known asian tropical wood species for outdoor peojects and interiors decoration use with its superior durability.The material is also widely used on wood flooring industry.It can be processed as unfinished solid wood plank floor, prefinished hardwood flooring,veneered merbau engineered wood flooring as well as outdoor wood flooring thanks to its advantagous properties that you can hardly find from other wood.

From Asia, China & Indonesia is the main source place exporting merbau flooring to Europe market( Italy,Germany,France etc).While Our China factory mostly mill prefinished merbau flooring or handcrafted parquet flooring with more advanced facility than Indonesia.From massive pure solid plank to 3 strips engineered wide flooring plank in different finish,there are more sophiscated craftmanship on manufacturing merbau flooring from China.

Our workshop milling merbau solid wood flooring:

merbau round logs     indonesia yellow merbau

T&G merbau plank unfinished     merbau solid parquet  

Merbau solid wood floor plank section drawings :

merbau T&G PLANK section drawings

Full Specification of prefinished merbau hardwood flooring:

Timber Origin Indonesia
Species: Intsia,Palembanica
Density: 0.85-0.9g/cm3
MOR: 16680psi
Janka Hardness: 1750Psi
Termite Resistance: High
Floor Type: Solid T&G  3/4” thick
Plank Size: 90-140mm x 18mm
Surafce: Smooth
Color Reddish Brown
Joint: Micro-beveled 
Condition: Kiln Dried  10%-12%
Gloss: Matt    (25°
Grade: AB grade
Finish: Aluminium Oxide 9 coats UV finished
Photo Sensitivity NO
Warranty: 25 years residential
Installation: Nail Down

More About Merbau

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