About White Ash

About white ash

White ash, a North American tree, is not to be confused with mountain ash (eucalyptus regnans), which is native to Victoria and Tasmania. Mountain ash is the tallest hardwood species in the world, and is only exceeded in height by the redwoods of California.
Generally, it has a greyish-brown heartwood and a light creamy colour overall, with a fairly straight grain.

Ash wood is similar in characters to Oak,while ash wood grain is more coarse than oak.
Ash is a popular flooring wood. Particularly upstairs in a house. Its color is generally white, or at least light in colour. It is a superb wood for using in a dark room or bedroom where the aim is to bring a light, clean feel to the room.

Ash trees yield boards in two colors, “white” or “coloured”. The colour depends on the age of the tree and the type of ground in which the tree grew. Large ash trees are very often coloured (a light brown, biscuit colour). These trees tend to yield a wider board.

Yorking Hardwood solid Ash floors are tongue and grooved and end matched and machined to exacting tolerances. Our unfinished floors are supplied square edged and planed to a smooth finish. Unfinished floors should be sanded prior to finishing. Prefinished floors are supplied with a bevelled edge. Available in many different widths these boards are supplied in random lengths, you will receive a mixture of lengths when ordering these floors and the boards should be laid in a random pattern

Ash Hardwood Flooring Features  :

1.Suitable for average domestic use and some light commercial projects becuase of ash is of a medium strength

2.Ash hardwood flooring are widly used for sports equipment due to its moderate bending strength and shock absorbance .

3.The ash flooring mix with pop elements never fade -small dark stripes, the visual effect is very harmoious.

4.Pometia appearance and high stability with it's charm,wear widely used for flooring.

Ash hardwood flooring specifications:

Wood species  White Ash 
Size  RL*3.75"*3/4",RL*5"*3/4"
Grade  AB
Color selected
Finish UV finished ,Unfinished ,Oild
Condition  Klin Dried 
Finished  Smooth ,Hand scraped 
Moisture content  10%-12%
Formaldehyde Release E1
Joints T&G
End and Edge Micro bevel or Square 
Certificate CE, ISO 9001-2008, FSC
Usage Indoor
Stlye Conditional
Warranty: Above 25 years for interior home use
Glossy  25%+-5%

Ash solid wood flooring in different stain:

ash hardwood flooring

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Displaying 1 to 6 ( of 6 products)