About Taun

taun hardwood flooring

About Taun Flooring

Taun ( Pometia.spp.) is the hardwood originated from South east Asia areas,it is so wearing resistant for interior wood flooring use.
Natural taun timber comes in dark reddish wood texture , hard and dense wood with curve black wood grains as well as uniform micro-structure.It is idea for flooring,funiture or some other home decoration.
Pure natural taun solid hardwood flooring present highly elegant natural beauty. On the other hand , good heating conductivity ,high dimension stability & suitable hardness makes it ideal for under ground heating flooring use.

Our craftmanship on Taun wood Flooring

1. Precise Tongue & Groove Joint System for quick and easy installation

2. Hand crafted surafce is availlable for antique look

3. High temperature cured piano lacquer finish with better adhesion and long life span.

4. All the wood plank are selected grade free of any cracking ,dead knots and big color variations.

Taun Hardwood Plank Dimensions: 

450-1200x122x18mm wide plank

450-900x90x18mm strip hardwood

Common Color Stains:  

Light Natural / Golden Teak / Red Mahogany / Dark walnut 

Low Cost:

Prefinished Taun strip hardwood flooring starts from only 2.3USD/s.q.f


1.Plank smoothness 

To check if the flooring be out of shape or warped ,measure the surface smoothness against the straightedge with 2 meters long, tolerance should be not more than 3mm.

2.Difference in height

Check the two board are contigeous,see if their difference in height is not more than 0.15mm.

3.Width of the gap 

Measure the width of the gap between two board,insure it less than or equal to 0.2mm.

4.Gap between board and wall,gap between board and fixtures

Check the gap between board and wall,gap between board and fixtures,it must be held within a range of 8.0-12.0mm.

5.Surface of taun flooring

The flooring should be no damage ,no scratch,no glue spot.

6. Sound

There is no sound when walking on the main area.

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Displaying 1 to 2 ( of 2 products)