About Robinia Teak

Robinia teak is the wood called Asian Teak or Mongolian teak grown in South Aisa. Natural mongolian teak is very similar to Genuine Teak ( tectona grandis ) on color sheen & wood grains. on the other side, the wood come with higher janka hardness and higher density than common white oak.Therefore in China it is called JIANGGANGYOUMU ,means " harder & stonger" teak .Although this wood is lower cost comparing with tectona grandis, the Janka hardness,workability & appearance are never inferior,it is one of the best selling hardwood in South China market.

Most of Robinia teak is character grade with black strips,live knots,it is an ideal wood for hand scraped hardwood flooring, we put out a series of hand crafted robinia teak hardwood flooring in different stains with 5" width exporting to US market. While true teak is seldom seen with hand scraped versions.This Chinese local teak with natural golden color matt finish is nearly one of the best selling. Sufficient lumber stock enable us to mill such customized hardwood flooring with afforbale cost to our oversas project customers.We served over hundred builders in US with such customized teak hardwood floors.

Generally we have the flooring plank in size 3.75"/5"/6" width, 3/4" thickness, length in Random 2-4ft . in addition, the herringbone or chevron mongolian teak hardwood flooring also available from us.


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