installation drawings

Before Installation

Baked white pine and dahurian larch  can be used as wood kneel in scale of 300mm ×40mm , 30mm ×50mm,40mm×50mm according to hydrous rate in local district.
The constructions  area should be dry , clean and the base level should be even.
Open the packaging before installing on the ground .Place the boards evenly on the ground more than 72 hours in order to adapt the room humidity ,while a layer of varnish at the back of the boards increases the waterproof function.


Moisture-proof membrane should be installed before laying the wood kneels.
Swelling screws can fix the wood kneels to keep even and strong.
Installation of solid wood floors is usually adopted in mal-position method, make space for floors swelling on edge, laying wood kneels with screw in 45°-60°obliquely and the length of nail is not more than 25mm.
3 or 5 pieces of boards should be installed in one straight line to make floors even and equal, moreover, it must be examined and adjusted in time .

Usage and Maintenance

Evenly laying the overload goods and moving furniture carefully to avoid scrabbing paint surface ,meanwhile,the floor paint surface should be away from the sharp hard objects.

Keeping away from soaking and shining when using the floor ,avoiding water leakage in balcony ,kitchen and toilet,cleaning the floor with wax to minimize the abrasion of the boards.

Shutting faucets when touring or water-lacking ,blowing and toasting floor from household appliances and opening windows and doors regularly is suggested to keep ventilation.

The indoor moisture could be adjusted with the changes of seasons ,the plant or some basins of water are necessary in the room if the room is vacant for a long time.

We are not responsible for any distortions,damages and/or problems caused by improper installation, please install the floors under our instructions.