About Garapa

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About Garapa

Garapa has a golden to yellowish brown color, which darkens with age. The wood is fairly chatoyant, and appears to shift from dark to light coloring in different lighting angles.It is commonly used in flooring, decking, dock, and boatbuilding.

About Garapa hardwood flooring

Garapa hardwood flooring is fairly easy to work, despite its density. Glues and finishes well, and is about average for dimensional stability.A low maintenance flooring.An indoor finished can be maintain its natural golden beauty. Medium-high resistance to termites and other insect attacks after UV finished.


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Garapa hardwood flooring from Yorking Hardwood

Origin South America (Brazil)
Photo Sensitivity  Weak
Odor NO
Scientific Name Apuleia leiocarpa
Common Name Garapa
Floor Type Solid T&G  3/4” thick 
Surface Smooth glossy finished
Color Golden yellow
Joint Micro-beveled  
Grade A grade
Finish  Aluminium Oxide 9 coats UV finished 
Installation Nail Down
Edge & Size Solid T&G
Plank Size 3.75"-5"x 3/4"