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Teak is tropical broad-leaved tree, its origin areas are Burma and Southeast Asia etc. The local government has already adopted the legal felling guidelines , which leads to the price rising of national teak floorboards. Its arborescence is upright, and can reach 130 feet height. Teak has the highest oil contents among the known woods, in this way it can prevent water damage and insects damages. Because of the superiority of Burma’s teak, this kind of wood has become the common household building material, like house, boat, floorboard, outdoor flooring, courtyard and furnitures. The advantages are as following :




For Burma Teak Original Wood, the annual rings are obvious , meticulous and uniform. Due to the different cutting mode, they accompany the wide and gross textures, there also are  ruled texture, mountain lines, ink lines (also called black lines) owning to the different growing environment, these colourful textures will bring you the modern and fashional decoration.


Everlasting :


Burma Teak Floorboard is a kind of tropical hardwood which can endure the test of time. Paving the teak floorboard is a very good choice, not only in special nature of Burma Teak, but also in use process, the teak floorboard is very stable. If you have pet, you can let it run at home, and you are glad to know that Burma Teak Floorboard is proof to animal’s scratch marks.




Burma Teak is a type of waterproof hardwood. That's why it can be used in Sauna, bathroom, outdoor and kitchen for flooring. Even after it absorbs dampness, the wood plank shrinkage percent is still very small.


Insects Repelling:


The natural greased Burma Teak Floors can offer you a natural gloss, and also can be used as the natural insect repellant staff for you. Don’t worry , using Burma Teak Flooring can’t let you find any termite and other crawling insects inside of the corrosive woods.


Asian teak is durable, elegant, and it is one of the few most ubiquitous floorboards. If under the suitable maintenance, with regular cleaning, periodically painting wood wax, Burma Teak Solid Wood Floorboard is very durable, as long as the buyer has the habit of maintenance, Teak Floorboard can always keep the nice state in your life.




DENSITY 0.6-0.7g/cm3 0.6-0.65g/cm3
ORIGIN Europe,USA,Russia Burma, Indonesia,Thailand
SAPWOOD  clear demarcated clear demarcated
ODOR NO NO (fragrant)
SCIENTIFIC NAME Quercus.spp Tectona Grandis. Spp.
COMMERCIAL NAME European Oak,American Oak Burma teak,Indonesia Teak,Thailand Teak
JANKA HARDNESS 1250psi 1050psi
SHRINKAGE Radial: 4.7%, Tangential: 8.4%, Volumetric: 13.0%, T/R Ratio: 1.8 Radial: 2.6%, Tangential: 5.3%, Volumetric: 7.2%, T/R Ratio: 2.0
BENDING STRENGTH 8000-15000psi 9000-10000psi ×
MODULUS OF RUPTURE 12500psi 15600psi

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