About Merbau herringbone flooring

merbau herringbone parquet flooring

Merbau is a well known quality asian hardwood across the world with prominent advantage of durabiity - insects proof,decay resistant &low shrinkage.Local people call it red iron wood and treat it as treasure of Indonesia.

Undoubtly solid merbau herringbone flooring is trustworthy for life time structure warranty.It comes with traditional light yellow to dark reddish mahogany color without too much color variations.It's peaceful for aged people as well as with royal elegance,rich color tone and even fine wood textures.

It's seen merbau hardwood flooring installed in North Europe cold climate area for inetrior under ground heating conditions, prove to be a very safe low shrinkage hardwood while other common hardwood can not achieve.

Merbau herringbone flooring specs:

Scientific name: Intsia.palembanica

Surface Treatment: 9 coats Anti scratch UV finsih matt gloss

Plank Connection: Reversed T&G

Parquet size: 450x90x18mm,600x120x18mm,600x90x18mm etc.


Construction: full solid

Usage: Interior flooring decoration

Function: Sound & heating insulative

Warranty: 50 years residential