About Finger Jointed Plank

teak finger joint flooring

Finger-jointed teak floorboard is assemblied by original short teak wood plank up to fixed size, the plank undergoes same way milling tongue & groove profile as single plank.The prominent advantage of finger joint teak flooring is that can be installed as engineered floating floor with high stability on air-conditioned rooms.


On the other hand, this type of flooring saved limited asian teak timber resources by employing teak small plank off-cuts.It's more Eco-friendly.


Finger joint solid teak flooring specifications:


Timber Humidity: Within  8%-10%

Surface Brightness : 40±5 %

Warp: Less than 0.5% (Length) , Less than 0.1%(Convex/Concave), Less than 0.2% ( Width)

Shrinkage: ± 0.2mm (thickness),± 0.2mm (width),±0.1mm (length)

Teak floorboard measurements:

1820x120x15mm /1820x90x15mm (JAS) or other customized sizes

Surface Type: Unfinished / UV lacquered /Natural oiled available

Edge Profile: Tongue & Groove by nail down installation

Underfloor Thermal Resistant: Yes

Main Market: Japan & Europe

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Displaying 1 to 2 ( of 2 products)