About Walnut herringbone flooring

American black walnut herringbone flooring

About walnut herringbone wood flooring

Walnut herringbone patterned wood flooring comes both engineered and full solid construction for you to choose based on your budget.

American black walnut & Asian walnut ( short leaf acacia) are the species we do for herringbone hardwood flooring.We are open to customer fix an ideal wood strip size suits their project,further more we can custom made finish such as vintage look, mordern look or rustic look on the walnut wood.

Unlike traditional straigt random length hardwood flooring, herringbone floors comes in fixed length.

Commonly in Size: 2.5"x3/4", 3"x3/4",3.75"x3/4" with revered solid T&G 

Walnut herringbone floors features what is called a double end-groove, means the planks have a groove on both ends instead of having a groove on one end, and a tongue on the other.

Be aware of that American walnut has delicate wood grains but asian walnut grain is more wild & open,you need to consider which one fit more to the designs they want.On the other hand, American walnut is indeed more costive on material cost( nearly twice as cost of asian walnut)  That's why American black walnut engineered herringbone floors is more popular.

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Displaying 1 to 4 ( of 4 products)