About UV Lacquer Finished

water proof  UV finished teak floor

UV lacquered burma teak wood flooring is one of the best waterproof solid wood floor from Asian market.

What is UV lacquered finish?

UV lacquered finish is actually a ultrovoilet cured chemical coating appled on wood floorboard surface as a strong protective layer to resist dirt stains,water,dampness as well as daily walking traffic wearing.The finish is completed on factory workshop coating machines,thereafter the floor plank will be ready to use on jobsite for interior houses.This type of finish is the most commonly used coating for solid T&G wood plank floor in the Market of Asia and North America as it really saves a lot of time and laborwork to do the ploish again on jobsite for unfinished wood plank, it is just ready to use.Particularly for mass production hardwood flooring manufacturers,the UV finish processing is more efficient than other hand made finish.

The waterproof teak plank floor from Yorking Hardwood comes with 9 coats as below:

1. UV or PU insulation coating

2. Transparent UV filler
3. Resilient UV sealer
4. Standard UV duro
5. Transparent UV sealer
6. UV filler sandable 
7. Low gloss UV sealer
8. UV anti scratch standard top coats
9. UV anti scratch standard top coats

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Displaying 1 to 5 ( of 5 products)