1. Why solid wood floor need EPE underlay?

The flooring will expand if ground moisture is absorbed by flooring, the function of EPE underlay is to insulate dampness.

2. Why shorter wood plank has better stability?

The floor change itself along the direction of wood fiber, shorter wood fiber moves less.

3. Why wooden floor lose their shape on warping?

The thicker film in the front of  wood plank will expand shorter upon imbibing water than the other side of solid flooring with thinner film.

4. Why we should keep the wood keel dry?

Wet wood keel maybe mildew and increase the humidity of the wood plank back side.

5. Why full hardwood plank flooring expand in the spring?

The high air humidity in the spring makes wood absorb water.

6. Why will the solid flooring contract in the fall?

The air humidity is  much lowet in the fall, the wood plank will contract as the wood gives out moisture.

7. Why teak solid wooden flooring sound after been installed?

It should have a certain running time between floor and floor, floor and wood keel, or wood keel and ground.

8. Why paint on  solid wood floor plank crack ?

High and low air humidity will change slab and too much movements lead to lacquere cracking.

9. Why should we reserve a shrinkage gap around the solid wood floor plank on installation?

The solid wood plank need a enough space to expand and contract.