About T&G Solid hardwood flooring

I. The basics of solid wood floors

Pure solid hardwood floors adopts natural logs from Asia,Africa,Europe,North America and South America.Therefore,you can heartily enjoy the natural atmosphere and marvel tone of the green forest.Twenty four procedures of careful and precise sculpting keep a sound condition of flooring and avoid the paint damage.By the adoption of lacquer made in Germany,the floors are sealed in seven layer finished for the wear-resistant and burning proof of the surface.High-tech monitors vouched each piece of floors beyond the international standards.

II. Our solid wood floor advantages 

Humidity Resistance

The reverse of the floors is equipped with hiding paint so as to effectively avoid defects such as crack,out of shape etc...


Aluminum foil composite mask from pure polymer materials so that mildewing could be prevented.


Due to friction between the boards,the regular floors will produce the noise.Yorking Hardwood in China could avoid such problems through covers of aluminum mask and accurate joints of tongues and grooves.


Offer 25/10 years coating warranty- the coating will not wear out until 25 years in residential homes or 10 years in commercial buildings.

III. Common Specifications of solid wood flooring

Random length :(300/450/600/750/900/1200/1500/1800mm,average length≥700mm)

Width :57mm(2-1/4〞)   83mm(3-1/4〞)  90mm(3-1/2〞)   122mm(4-4/5〞) 
Thickness:18mm(3/4〞)  15mm(3/5〞)
Grade : Different  grading requirements can be chosen.
4-side tongue and groove with micro bevel
7-layer coating German TREFFERT AL₂O ₃per-finished
Moisture content :8-12%
The color and gloss is to be decided by the clients .
Every piece is insulated by plastic film for anti-wet and anti-attrition
All the pieces are covered by a plastic bag in carton
Professional designed cartons on pallets are loaded in every container

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Displaying 1 to 20 ( of 115 products)