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About White Oak Hardwood Floors

Oak hardwood floors is always the No.1 among all hardwood species in the world for flooring as the timber is so widely spread in the world. In many regions like America,Canada,Europe,Russia etc,we can all find huge oak timber resources.On the other hand ,oak wood board is very easily to be processed with different styles & colors for flooring. Therefore oak becomes the leading solid hardwood flooring material for centuries in the world.

Generally,red oak & white oak are the most commonly used hardwood species for flooring.In North China,there are more than 50 factories supplying oak hardwood flooring.Yorking Hardwood set up a branch office working on North China area processing white oak hardwood flooring according to customer requirments.We take the great advantages of white oak from different manufacturers here ,from natural unfinished oak to hand scraped,carbonized,smoked,wire-brushed,parquet,wide plank oak flooring as well as various engineered oak floors catering to our clients flavor & demand.

Technical Details of European Oak 

Bending Stength: Average 18400N/mm2
Crushing Stength: Average 67.00N/mm2(perpendicular to grain)
Max Crushing Strength: Average 67.00N/mm2(Paralell to grain)
Shearing Srength: 15.6N/mm2
Toughness: Average 360inch-lbs
Specific Gravity: Average 0.78g/cm3
Weight: Average 58lbs/ft3
Density Air Dry: Average 880-1155kg/m3
Radial Shrinkage: Average 1.6%Tangential Shringkage: Average 2.7%

White Oak solid hardwood floors Specifications:

Timber Origin: Russia/Europe/North China 
Products Origin Made in China
Species: European White Oak / American White oak
Density : 0.6-0.75g/cm3
Janka Hardness: 1260 Psi
Termite Resistance : Medium to High
Floor Type: Solid T&G for both prefinished & Unfinished
Joint: T&G with 0.6mm light beveled edge
Plank Dimensions: 450-1200x90/120/150x18mm ( standard)
Timber Conditions: Klin Dried ( humidity below 12% )
Grade: A/AB/BC/CD/DD
Surface Availlable: UV/Lacquered/Oiled/Smoked/Wire brushed/Carbonized ect
Color Sheens Light natural /Gunstock/Dark walnut /Golden wheat /Coffee brown /Espresso /Bleached white/Grey etc
Gloss Level Matt gloss 25%, Satin Gloss , Shinny high gloss
Photo Sensitivity: Weak 
Installation: Nail Down /Glue Down
Warranty: 25 years plus residential

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Displaying 1 to 20 ( of 24 products)