wood plank floor quality control

Quality Control

Following ISO9001,ISO14001 and ISO14025,from materials to the finished product, each piece is processed through twenty four working procedures and each procedure is controlled strictly by certain producing data. Especially for the procedures of kiln dry and piece checking, which promise Yorking Hardwood with stable and high quality.

Piece by Piece Check 

1. MC (moisture content) test. Before the KD (kiln dry) boards go for the notching, we will classify the KD boards according to the different MC level by piece. This procedure promises all the classified KD boards at the standard MC level. At the same time, the two faces and four sides will be checked carefully.
2. Materials check. Before notching, grading will be classified strictly by piece.
3. Dimension and surface check after notching.
4. Processing defect check
1) After notching, classify the boards according to the natural color variation to be in most uniform.
2) After sanding, check the surface and dimension.
5. Painting damage check on UV coating line.
6. Finished boards are classified to make sure the similar color.
7. Any defective boards will be put away.

Advanced KD Skills

1.Advanced internal kiln equipment with experienced dry skills
2.Drying the AD (air dry) boards according to the different MC requirement.
3.Drying the AD boards according to the different species. Different species need different way (such as period, temperature, moisture etc.) to dry.
4.Before further processing, the boards once being taken out from the kiln need a stress-relief period. Different species need different preservation time. The stress-relief period is very important for the stability.

Test and Record 

We select the finished boards randomly from UV coating line to test the impact resistance, wear resistance, hardness of surface, adhesion, scratch resistance, MC and dimensions. After that, a testing report will be made accordingly. If any item can’t meet the requirement, the quality control center will immediately inform the workshop to improve.