About Oiled Oak

natural light oiled french oak engineered flooring

About Oiled Oak

woca oil for oak floors

With Eco-Friendly awareness, olied oak timber flooring is getting more prevailling now, as the finish is free of any poisonous emissions to our enviroment.The main compositions of oil finish is natural plant Tung oil & Castor oil which is abstracted from green plant,fully recyclable.Unlike traditional PU finish or UV fiish,natual oil finish enable the wood breath freely in the air,therefore risk of cracking like happened on UV finish been ignored.

Color effects with oiled finish

natural / french grey / dark smoked / bleached white/ limed etc.

Oiled oak plank dimensions 

1200x125x12mm /1200x150x15mm

1900x190x10mm / 1900x190x12mm /1900x190x15mm/1900x190x18mm

2200x220x18mm /2200x260x20mm

Oiled Oak engineered flooring plywood core technicals:

Basement 1)Symmetrical & odd number plywood;
2)Same plywood material (Eucalyptus / Birch / Beech);
3)Layers beside central ply should be the same 
thickness & wood type & rotary cut wood & grain direction;
4)Grain direction of each ply should be mutually perpendicular;
Thickness 12-15mm
Density 850kg/m3
Formaldehyde Emission  E1
Layer bonding strength 1Mpa
Item Rcquirement
Thickness deviation |Nominal thickness-Average thickness|0.5mm;
Length deviation Nominal length1500mm, measurement error1.0mm
Width deviation |Nominal width-Average width|0.1mm;
Square trowel Qmax0.2mm
Edge nonstraightness Smax0.3mm/m
Wraping degree Convex warping (Width)fw0.22%;
Concave warping (Width)fw0.15%
Convex warping (Length)f11.00%;
Concave warping (Length)f20.50%
Bonding gap Average Oa0.15mm
Bonding height different  Average Oa0.10mm;Omax0.15
Bonding strength 1Mpa 80% test sample should be up to the standard
MOR 30Mpa
MOE(Modulus Of Elasticity) 4000mpa
Water content 7%-12%
Layer abrasion resistant 0.06g/100r
Impregnation peel 1/3 adhensive layer
Adhesion of coating  Microscale allowed around cuts
Stain resistance No pollution traces

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