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Cumaru - Brazilian Teak Outdoor Wood Decking

Cumaru ( aka. brazilian teak ) is one of the most hardest tropical wood among all species in the world originated from South America forest like Brazil ,Peru etc.The brazilian teak wood is 40% more on density than common white oak,3 times harder on Janka Rating. In China prefinished 3/4" x 5" cumaru hardwood interior flooring is hot sale flooring wood due to its high stength for heavy duty & long life span for both interior use and exterior use.

On the other hand , cumaru is an insect repellent timber as well as excellent fugi & decay resistantance.It lasts 50 years plus for outdoor construction without special treatment.It is ideal for swimming pool decking , garden decking ,bathroom flooring as well as common terrace wood decking.

  Timber Data Sheet:

brazilian teak data sheet

Decking Plank Dimensions:

1200-3000 x 120/140 x 20mm ( other custom milled size acceptable)

Decking Profile:

pre grooved - brazilian teak decking

#304  stainless steel U clips fixture for cumaru decking

S4S or Side Pre-grooved with U clip nail hidden installation

Surface Treatments:

Pre oiled & Sanded Pure Natural

Installation Set : 

Nail Down onto sub wood beam (40x40,40x60mm etc)

Warranty: 20-25 years structural use

Yorking Hardwood is one of few supplier in China mill both interior T&G brazilian teak flooring and pre-grooved outdoor terrace outdoor wood decking.We are in direct contact with South America lumber supplier and import large stock ready in China for wood decking floors production. It gives us key advantage to benifit our customer by factory direct shipping & quick delivey time.

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