About Limed Oak

limed oak engineered flooring color chart

About Limed Oak

Limed oak effect refers to the craft of machine made wire brushed white grain along the natural veins of white oak timber to deliver a modern look. Basiaclly, lime oak do not have to white color tones, light grey,choclate, white washed or dark smoked oak flooring also suits limed craft on manufacturing.Although all oak can be replicated by limed process , European oak (particularly russia oak) is regarded the best hardwood with more slim & fine textures while American red oak probably comes with more coarse open grains

Production Advantage:

As a leading oak flooring manufacturer in China, we mill both 3 layer limed oak engineered floors and multi-layered with plank width 150mm ,190mm ,220mm even 280mm maxi width. We can supply both deep smoked oak and light smoked one to present different finish per builders' requirments. We can select either premier AB grade timber or BCD grade per degree of wood characters.

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Packing Info:

7-8pcs per carton with length 1910-2110mm  15% shorter plank 900-1200mm mixed
All carton sealed with Anti-dampness plastic film
Pallet load 105-125mm2 each

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