About Long leaf acacia

dark stained & hand scraped acacia mangium flooring

About big leaf acacia (acacia mangium) hardwood flooring

Acacia mangium ( aka. big leaf acacia or long leaf acacia) is the hardwood flooring variety often confused with short leaf acacia wood. It seems the big leaf acacia timber imported from Malaysia volume for China wood flooring manufacturer keeps on rise in recent years because of short leaf acacia timber shortage on source place.

Similar to short leaf acacia , both solid & engineered long leaf acacia hardwood flooring are manufactured in big quantity for exporting from China. It is estimated that acacia mangium flooring is 20-30% lower than acacia confusa (small leaf one) on raw timber cost.That's why dark stain espresso big leaf acacia flooring are so popular in US market!

As leading acacia flooring manufacturer located in South China , YORKING HARDWOOD can offer price below 2.8USD/s.q.f for hand scraped solid big leaf acacia flooring based on container quantity.Lead time of Our shipments on full container consignments is notmally 25 working days from port of Guangzhou.

YORKING HARDWOOD supplying acacia mangium flooring with factory finish(Germany Treffert UV coats) on surface,9 coats in total to enhance the hardwood flooring scratch & dent resistance.It comes with 7 years Non- wear though warranties & 25 years residential structural warranty.All flaws like scratch,dent,dirt stains etc could be removed by resanding or refinish from workers.You are expecting to enjoy the big leaf acacia solid hardwood floors for life time if under proper maintenance.

Common acacia mangium solid wood floors specs:    5" x 3.4" ( RL 2.5-4ft of Length) for  Smooth or Hand Scraped in different color stains

Acacia Mangium (big leaf acacia) VS  Acacia Confusa(short leaf acacia )

Long leaf Acacia  Short leaf Acacia
DENSITY 0.55-0.65g/cm3 0.75-0.9g/cm3
ORIGIN Malaysia South China
SCIENTIFIC NAME Acacia Mangium Acacia Confusa.
COMMERCIAL NAME Big leaf acacia Acacia Walnut, Asian Walnut
JANKA HARDNESS 1700psi 2250psi
BENDING STRENGTH 10500psi 7500-12000psi
MODULUS OF RUPTURE 10800psi 17500psi

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