About Unfinished Oak

About Unfinished oak Engineered Flooring

Unfinished oak engineered wood floors refers to the oak timber overlay without any pilish or color stains,it is also called raw oak engineered floors or uncoated white oak engineered flooring.As without any traditional PU finish or oil finish, unfinished oak engineered flooring is 1.5USD/M2 lower on manufacturing cost than prefinished one.In the mean time wire-brushed or hand crafted surface still availlable on unfinished oak.

Overlay Timber Species:

American White Oak / European White Oak / Russian White Oak


Since unfinished oak comes without any color stain,the wood character might be more noticeable which is clearly classified as premier ,selected or common grade based on degrees of such natural timber features.

As builders need to repolish the unfinished oak plank on jobsite to make DIY finish, we propose engineered floorboards with minimam 2.5mm thick overlay so that you can sand 2-3 times more to have over 8 years life span.Preferably 4-6 mm thick toplayer, that would be equivalant to solid hardwood floor life span 15-25 years.

Dampness should be specially cared of during transportion for unfinished wood floors as it is more himidity sensitive than prefinished one.We normally use plastic film sealed package when shipping out to Australia , US or Europe.

Unfinished Oak Floorboards Specification:

1200x125x12/2.5mm /1200x150x14/3mm

1900x190x10/2.5mm / 1900x190x12/3mm /1900x190x15/4mm

2200x220x18/4mm /2200x260x20/6mm

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Displaying 1 to 8 ( of 8 products)