About Oak Engineered Wide Plank Floors

Engineered European oak flooring comes in a great variety of color options from local manufactuers in China. In the past 10 years, 70% european oak wide plank engineered floors are exported to Europe ,North America & Australia market from China manufacturer.With sophisticated production technology,we could just OEM any designs oak flooring at factory direct competitive cost for wholesalers , big project owners as well as other distributors.

Oak wide plank timber flooring normally refers to width over 5" ( from 120mm to 260mm ). Multi-layered base with 2.5-6mm thick sawn cut wide oak overlay assemblied engineered wide plank flooring is the main stream products from Yorking Hardwood.

From North China ( Dalian,Heilongjiang,Liaoning) the oak wide plank flooring manufacturers cluster give us key advantage to source raw material with very competitive cost.They bring big european white oak lumbers directly from Ukraine,Russia,or Serbia to mill thick 3-6mm oak toplay on wide plank,particularly on BCD grade timber with lowest cost across China.

Yorking Hardwood is very advantagous on supplying this European Oak 190-220mm wide plank flooring.Our staff attend DOMOTEX SHANGHAI flooring fairs every year,our price & quality are highly recognized by overseas customers.The common multi-layered 3-4mm toplay 190-220mm wide ABC & BCD grade oak wide plank floors offer at cost 24-28USD/m2 only for container bulk quantity orders.

YORKING HARDWOOD flooring team applying evolutionary chemical treatments for this year new set designs, which is the very popular and widely accepting within flooring industry today, also represents the future path of engineered hardwood floors.

All the colors were made by 2-3 times chemical processing, they are the results of reaction for, eco-friendly chemical reagent and tannin within oak wood, not simple stain colors. Final layer cover uses water base protection, not only stronger in anti-dirt, water-proof, and more environmental concerned, but this will not change even a bit of flooring color, as we know that traditional UV coating shall deepen the surface color, makes more yellow to the natural wood. Our water base can completely avoid this part of problem, and makes maintenance easier.

European Oak Engineered timber flooring specifications :

Wood species European White Oak
Structure Multi-layered one-strip / Three layers one strip
Size  1200-2200x (125-220) x (12-18)mm
Top layer thickness 2.5-6mm
Plywood  Eucalyptus & Beech mixed or birch plywood 
Grade  AB/ABCD/BCD Grade
Overlay Hardness 1450psi
Density 0.45-0.55g/cm3
Condition 7%-9% on for plywood core humidity
Finish UV lacquered 
Surface  smooth natural /wire brushed/bleached /handcrafted/carbonized/natural oiled /unfinished for custom milled
Glossy 25%+/-5% (matt finished )
Formaldehyde Release E1
Joints Perfect T&G or Click Lock
End and Edge Micro bevel
Production line  HOMAG & WEINIG
Installation  Nail Down or Glue Down 
Package  Cartons with dampness insulation plastic film,Pallet
Certificate CE, ISO 9001-2008, FSC
OEM Offered

Packing & Loading Capacity:

Pack info / Pallets per 20ft container 1860*189*15/4 8pieces/pack, 40packs/pallet, 12pallets/20ft, 1349.88m2
2200*220*15/4mm 6pieces/pack, 44packs/pallet, 10pallets/20ft, 1277.76m2
2200*260*15/4mm 6pieces/pack, 33packs/pallet, 14pallets/20ft, 1585.58m2
1860*189*20/6mm 4pieces/pack, 55packs/pallet, 12pallets/20ft, 928m2

exportation package with pallet

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Displaying 1 to 20 ( of 35 products)