About Rosewood

rosewood hardwood flooring

About Rosewood hardwood flooring

Rosewood is actually refers to servral highly precious wood species in the world all belong to Genus Pterocarpus.Some variety might be too rare & costive to mill as hardwood flooring.

Commonly in the market, we can find  Vietnam rosewood, Laos' rosewood, Indian rosewood from Asia as well as African Rosewood. While in North America Market bolivian rosewood flooring & patagonian rosewood hardwood flooring are popular in US market.

Yorking Hardwood is advantagous at supply asian rosewood hardwood flooring with lumber directly sourced from Southeast asia local market.The floors is indeed for few high end customer,with price over 10USD/S.Q.F of solid hardwood asian rosewood.So commonly engineered asian rosewood flooring might be more acceptable for you to enjoy the luxry wood beauty.

If you are looking for some substitute wood for asian rosewood, we would recommend South America origin patagonian rosewood solid hardwood flooring with price range 4.5-5.5USD/S.Q.F which is prevailing on US market.We mill both solid hardwood and engineered hardwood for such species with affordable factory direct cost.

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