factory direct solid hardwood tobacco road acacia flooring

factory direct solid hardwood tobacco road acacia flooring

3.5"- 5" wide tobacco road acacia hardwood flooring

Pure solid hardwood construction 100% Genuine short leaf acacia

Prefinished Anti-scratch 9 coats strong protective layer on surface

25 years residential guarantee

China Factory directly sale ,world widely shipping, 

Save you  50% or more than local retail market

Price Range: 3.3-4.3USD/s.q.f

Tobacco road acacia is highest grade short leaf acacia flooring design 

developed from our local mill.

In the same time , we mill other size plank in 3" , 3.75" width also , 

both for smooth and hand crafted.

In addition , we produce herringbone patterned solid tobacco road 

acacia , 1/2" - 3/5" thick engineered tobacco road acacia flooring 

all based on factory production cost!

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Golden Tobacco road acacia flooring overview:

tobacco road acacia flooring

Light natural tobacco road acacia flooring pictures:

tobacco road acacia hardwood flooring

room view - tobacco road acacia

Tobacco road acacia flooring refers to the selected grade short leaf acacia floor plank with kind of cream white sapwood and light golden yellow hues.All the wood planks are specially selected to keep the general uniform look.Hand scraped tobacco road acacia is regarded as the best acacia flooring variety among all acacia flooring series.

Advantages of tabacco road acacia flooring from Yorking Hradwood :

1. It can be used for above 25 years without showing any signs of wear and won't be fade the beautiful color own by itself.  
2.The prefinished flooring is easy to maintain by simply cleaning.
3.The wood used can also be recycled for other purposes.Such as make to a pot , cutting to many small pieces to make building blocks ,ect.
4.The hardwood are eco friendly and can be reclaimed to be used as raw materials for a number of wooden furniture.

5.It is a good choice for healthy homes because of the flooring don't hidding the dust on it .

Our Factory Prices of Tobacco Road Acacia Flooring

3.75" x 3/4"   2.9-3.3USD/S.Q.F - SOLID

5"x3/4"    3.5-4.3USD/S.Q.F - SOLID

3"x3/4"    2.8-3.2USD/S.Q.F - HERRINGBONE SOLID

5"x3/4"     3.3-3.9USD/S.Q.F - UNFINISHED - SOLID

1/2" X 5"  2.4-2.8USD/S.Q.F - ENGINEERED

3/5" X 5"  2.7-2.9USD/S.Q.F - ENGINEERED