prefinished asian walnut hardwood flooring

prefinished asian walnut hardwood flooring

3.75"x3/4" smooth asian walnut hardwood flooring

Timber Origin: South China

Timber Density:0.8-0.85g/cm3 ( KD 9%-11%)

Latin Name: Acacia confusa.

Anti scratch Prefinished Smooth surface 

AB grade /Solid T&G Construction

25 years for interior home use

Price Range: 3.2-3.9USD/S.Q.F

Free Samples Availlable

Sea Freight Charge: 0.35USD/s.q.f ( to South America)

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dark stained asian walnut -smooth

asian royal walnut

natural unfinished asian walnut

About Asian Walnut (acacia walnut) hardwood flooring

Short leaf acacia(asian walnut) hardwood flooring with dark & espresso stains is a very popular color sheen which is totally different from common hardwood floors. The dark brown stained treatment on natural acacia makes the wood comes with a little cream white,golden & black strips mixed effects.It shares some character with American walnut,but this asian walnut is much more harder than American walnut on Janka Hardness & Strength.From our factory in China we mill both smooth and hand scraped asian walnut flooring with a variety of colors or custom made any other stains you like, it give us great flexibility to serve our clients.

Feature of natural asian walnut flooring from Yorking Hradwood:

1.Can add elegance to the most luxurious of house, or make the perfect back drop to a cabin in the woods .

2.Its delightful swirling grain and rich dark brown tone makes the whole house shine.

3. Our custom-scraping and dual hand stain adds more depth and real antique looking to the appearance

4. It make us feel like american walnut flooring and affordable, with good quality .

How the hardwood are priced in our factory ?

As now 80% of the asian walnut wood flooring in North America market are imported from China manufacturer , we really got big advantge on price to ship the hardwood directly to you

See our factory direct cost as below:

3.75" x 3/4"   2.9-3.3USD/S.Q.F - SOLID

5"x3/4"    3.5-4.3USD/S.Q.F - SOLID

3"x3/4"    2.8-3.2USD/S.Q.F - HERRINGBONE SOLID

5"x3/4"     3.3-3.9USD/S.Q.F - UNFINISHED - SOLID

1/2" X 5"  2.4-2.8USD/S.Q.F - ENGINEERED

3/5" X 5"  2.7-2.9USD/S.Q.F - ENGINEERED

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