merbau outdoor decking floors

Most of the flooring are easy to be rotten in the outdoor environment, and only can be used for  several years . However, there is a big difference between Merbau decking and other wood species. It can adapt to the changeable weather and enormous temperature difference in outdoor terrible living environment .

Why merbau decking being popular :

1. Merbau is a favourite choice for decking projects because of its excellent stability. The majority of wood flooring is easy to be distorted  after rain and snow weather .Because that merbau is a kind of inherent  anticorrosive wood which perform well in extreme weather . It would enhance the warranty that after anticorrosive treatment.  

2. Merbau decking can protect itself from bacteria which promoted the corrosion resistance.

3.The combination of its high density and strength cause merbau more durable than other timber,and these attributes result in its compression resistance quadruple than other wood.

4. Merbau wood has no variation of unevenly distributed coloring. After the High temperature pyrolysis treatment , the minerals in the wood will be decomposited and make the wood present a nice glossness.

 5.Merbau decking is health, environmental protection.   Because merbau decking without chemical preservatives, it's a direct contact with skin wood species  .