tobacco road african teak hardwood flooring

tobacco road african teak hardwood flooring

Wood species: Milicia excelsa
Timber Origin: West Africa 
Color Effect: Tobacco road
Construction: Full solid T&G 3/4" x 3.75"
Hardwood Density: 0.75-0.85g/cm3
Janka Hardness: over 2000psi
Condition: KD
Surface:Light brushed matt UV finish
Warehouse Stock : Yes
Sample Availlability: Yes
World Wide Shipping: Yes

Price Range: 2.9-3.3USD/S.Q.F

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exotic african teak tobacco road flooring

Tobacco road stylish hardwood flooring becomes very trendy in US market in recent years.Mostly it refers to particular exotic hardwood like acacia or golden teak with such uniqiue features.This African teak tobacco road hardwood is new designs from us developed from Iroko wood.Impressive golden yellow color tone mixed with dark wood grain in rich textures is a key featurtes that you could hardly find from other traditional wood species.

This 3.75" x 3/4" solid tobacco road african teak milled from common grade lumber which keeps most of natural wood features without additional color stains.While this wood is not fit for hand scraped ,we apply smooth light brushed satin finish only.

Yorking Hardwood keep big stock of such lumber to mill both staight plank and herringbone hardwood tobacco road african teak floors.You can save over 40% order directly from our factory comparing with from your local vendors.