maple gymnasium hardwood flooring

maple gymnasium hardwood flooring

Selected AB grade chinese maple wood

Timber Origin: North China

Finish: Wearing resistant UV matt finish

Joint: T&G

Density: 0.45-0.55g/cm3


Excellent: Sound absorbtion & Impact resistance

Usage: Sport stadium , gymnasium , basketball court etc

Nail Down Installation

Price Range: 25-35USD/M2

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60-75mm width AB grade maple for gym use

maple sport flooring


Standard size of Chinese maple wood flooring (for gymnasium use )
Wood Species  Type  Size (mm)
Chinese maple  A grade RL unfinished wood flooring    T&G 22*65*300-1000
Chinese maple  A gread UV lacquer 1 strip wood flooring  T&G 22*65*1800
Chinese maple  A grade unfinished 1 strip wood flooring    T&G 22*65*1800
Chinese maple  A grade UV lacquer 2 strips wood flooring  T&G 22*120*1800
Chinese maple  A grade unfinished 2 strip wood flooring    T&G 22*120*1800

Advantagous of Chinese maple Gym hardwood flooring:

1. Moderate elasticity & hardness for sport stadium or basketball court use

2. Excellent stability after Kiln drying process with fine & tight wood textures

3. Hard wearing,anti- decay as well as good shocking & sound absorbtion functions.

4. Natural bright hues , good working ability for cutting,sanding, nailing on machines.