sound insulation American walnut floating floors

sound insulation American walnut floating floors


Sound Insulation 2mm silent back engineered floating floors
Material: American walnut overlay
Wood strip size: 5" x 1/2"
Four side Reversed Tongue & Groove
Surface: Water based lacquer & wire brushed
Installation: Nail Down
Usage: Interior residential house
Life Span: 25 years up
Price range:2.8-3.8USD/S.Q.F



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silent rubber back engineered walnut flooring 





Sound proof walnut engineered floors is a prefered product we developed for buliders with special request for rooms with sound insulation function.

It is a floating floors with multi-layered birch plywood base and 2-3 mm sawn cut selected grade American black walnut hardwood overlay, in addition we attach one extra layer of 2mm rubber underlay on back of the plank.You can do quick glue down installation by attach the plank directly onto smooth concret, while some installer may increase the sound barrier by some cotton fillers, placing them between flooring plank and concret.It will help further to reduce noise significantly from outside or adjacent storey.

Plank size 5" x 4'x 3/5" is common from our company,while we could adjust the size if customer request it.As American walnut hardwood is costly always, the price of such flooring might cost over 3.5USD/S.Q.F. With lower cost for alternative overlay wood species like oak , acacia , Asian teak etc also acceptable for us to produce.