18x90mm solid T&G unfinished indonesia merbau flooring

18x90mm solid T&G unfinished indonesia merbau flooring

Timber Latin Name: Intsia. Spp.

Origin: Indonisia , Papua New Guinea

Features:Medium brown colored wood with reddish,orange highlights,wtih straight,interlocked,or wavy grains,coarse & uneven textures,excellent dimension stability,highly resistant to termite.

AB grade unfinished merbau solid plank floors
Plank size: 900-1200x90x18mm
Traditional Tongue & Groove Joint
Installation: Nail Down

25 years for interior &outdoor warranty

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unfinished merbau wood flooring

unfinished merbau wood flooring

merbau raw wood flooring

merbau raw wood flooring

unpolished merbau hardwood flooring

unpolished merbau solid wood flooring

Natural unfinished merbau timber flooring is milled with pure natural hardwood wihtout any preservatives while the production does not add or produce any pollution.It is suitable for indoor decoration,outdoor flooring,landscape pavilion,wooden bridge,footway,gallery frame,hydrophilic platform,outdoor tables and chairs,wooden railings etc.Unfinished merbau parquet flooring comes with beautiful wood patterns,oil, moisture resistantance as well as termite resistance,it has strong weatherability which last for many years.

Unfinished T&g Merbau solid wood plank is onsite finish hardwood flooring, with out lacquere finish process on factory workshop, you can get it at lower cost ( 3USD/M2) than prefinished one.We ship it by firm water proof plastic film as package to prevent timber mositure change on sea freight, I will help you to control plank stability on your project site.

Unfinished merbau massive parquet flooring profile:

unfinished wood flooring-merbau