3.75" x 3/4" unfinished cumaru- common grade

3.75" x 3/4" unfinished cumaru- common grade

Unfinished brazilian cumaru hardwood flooring
Timber Latin Name: Dipteryx.Odorata
Features: extremly high janka hardness & durability
Solid milled T&G  3.75" x 3/4"
Surface:smooth sanded
Easy to stain on Jobsite
Nail down installation
50 years residential guarantee 
Price: 2.8-3.1USD/s.q.f


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unfinished brazilian cumaru

unfinished brazilian hardwood - cumaru

Cumaru (aka. brazilian teak)is one of the few hardwood we carry with hardness over 3000psi and density over 0.9g/cm3,which is such a durable hardwood that even the finish worn out, you can continue to sand it 3-4 times for 30 years life span.Therefore many builders require unfinished cumaru to complete work match over exist prefinished cumaru flooring.

Generally there are both dark and ligh unfinished cumaru options due to different origin places.We carefully grade the hardwood for our customer trying to minimize the color variations and help them finish a nice job.

We mill basically 3.75" & 5" cumaru for both prefinished & unfinished planks with maximam 6 ft long as interior flooring. As we are direct lumber importer owns mill plant in South China, you can benefit much more from our factory price about 30% lower than US local dealers.

cumaru lumber loading