unfinished cumaru hardwood flooring

unfinished cumaru hardwood flooring

Timber Latin Name: Dipteryx Spp. from South America

Janka Hardness: 3540psi ( 2 times more than oak)

Features: Irregular interlocked wood grains,coarse and wavy textures,very hard and dense,highly resistant to insect attack and decay

Plank size: RL x 3.75"- 5" x 3/4"

Board joint : solid T&G

Surface : unfinished & sanded

Warranty : 50 years plus for interior use

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unfinished cumaru flooring

unfinished hardwood brazilian teak

About Unfinished Cumaru Flooring

1.What's unfinished cumaru ?

Unfinished cumaru floooring means a bare flooring lacking a surface finish suah as paint and there is not any chemical addictives needed during the production process.

2. Advantage of unfinished cumaru 

  Eco friendly , free of any chemical treatments

  Save you 4-5USD/M2 than prefinished one ;

  paint/ finish anything you like on the surface  after installation.


3.Superior Sterngth & Hardness:

Cumaru, is a very hard and strong wood from South America.Cumaru wood flooring has an janka hardness 3540psi which is close to Brazilian Walnut , nearly on top in Janka hardness among all other tropical hardwood species.

Below are some of the most popular hardwood species used in flooring along with their respective hardness ratings according to the Janka hardness test:

American Black Cherry   950psi
American Black Walnut   1010psi
Yellow Birch    1260psi
Red Oak                             1290psi
White Ash                         1320psi
White Oak                          1360psi
Hard Maplen                     1450psi
Santos Mahogany              2200psi
Brazilian Cherry                2345psi
Cumaru                          3540psi
Brazilian Walnut               3680psi
Ebony                                3692psi