3 layers black walnut engineered wood flooring

3 layers black walnut engineered wood flooring

3-4mm American black walnut wood overlay

1200-1800x130x14mm long plank

Water proof matt Aluminium oxide UV finished

3 layers construction with pine or fir softwood core

Superior stability suits underground heating

Easy click system for floating installation

15 years plus residential warranty

CE certified standard

Price Range: 3.5-4.5USD/s.q.f

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3 layers click lock black walnut

click lock profiles

3 layers engineered black walnut flooring belong to upcale hardwood flooring composed with selected grade 3-4mm thick sawn cut genuine American walnut lamella and treated white fir or pine wood core in good heating conductivity as well as well excellent resilience.

It comes up with 4-6 ft length long plank,5-7" width, creating a gorgous big space with less nosiy joint.You could just avoid any troubles using such engineerd plank like excessive movement or cracking happend on solid wood.

The unique quick click joint system really save your installation time on jobsite,less glue needed,firmly fixed.