6”x3/4" grey washed oak hardwood flooring

6”x3/4" grey washed oak hardwood flooring

6"x3/4" solid oak hardwood flooring

Surface:brushed gray washed 
Plank Size:2-4ft Random
Wood Species: Quercus.Spp
Hardness: 1450psi
Condition: KD 10%-12%
Construction: Full solid 
Gloss Level:Full Matt
Edge Type: slightly bevelled
Joint System:Tongue & Groove
Grade: BCD
Installation: Nail down
Life Span: 25 years+ interior use
Lead time:3 weeks after order conmfirmation
Factory direct shipping world widely 
14.34s.q.f/pack 19.2kg/pack  12400s.q.f/20ft container
Price Range:2.5-3.2$/s.q.f


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Solid oak wood floors are cut and gauged from a log, which is then dried and machined to the section required. When you look at the end of any solid piece of wood, you’ll see the direction of the grain, and this normally determines how that piece will respond when subjected to heat or moisture.

Wide solid boards are known to ‘cup’ in some situations, and this is simply the wood becoming drier on 1 side than the other. This is one reason why we only supply solid oak up to a maximum width of 150mm. If you want an appearance of wide oak floor boards, then choose from our range of engineered oak, which includes sizes up to 260mm in width.

Where the wood come from ?

Oak is widely available in USA & East Europe where it grows abundantly. A diverse range of raw or prefinished Oak planks with varying colors, textures & sizes are offered on the market. Styles include new, antique, reclaimed, wire brush, distressed and hand scraped.

Why Solid Oak Floors?

White Oak, the more common type of Oak, has a hardness rating of 1350. This has become the industry standard for comparison of other hardwoods. The hardness of Oak is an ideal balance which is durable yet easy to work with. The hardness makes it resistant to dents & scratches. It gives the wood dimensional stability – resistance to warping. Changes in temperature & humidity causes wood to expand & contract. This can cause gaps and warping.

Oak is hard enough that it stands up well to these conditions. At the same time it is not too hard. The more hard a wood is the more difficult it can be to work with. Cutting, nailing, staining & sanding/refinishing become more challenging. The more work involved, the more expensive the installation cost. So Oak has an ideal hardness for all practical purposes. It lasts a lifetime & increases the value of a home.

Yorking Hardwood select European white oak or Russian White Oak to mill the solid oak floors with either unfinished or colored prefinished according to buildiers unique taste.The natural hardwood will surely vary from plank to plank with different wood characters,coming with natural oak beauty.Honored with CE certificate,Yorking Hardwood could be your most trusted solid oak flooring supplier in China.