Prefinished long strip merbau solid hardwood flooring -1800x90x18mm

Prefinished long strip merbau solid hardwood flooring -1800x90x18mm

Species:Instia Kwila.

Timber Grade: Selected

Unfinished merbau long hardwood flooring

Plank size: 1800x90x18mm

Prefinished and Milled with T&G 

Condition: Kiln Dried @ 12%

Single plank solid construction

Nail down installation 

30 years above residential use

Price Range:3.5-3.9USD/S.Q.F

Lead Time: 3 weeks


Country of Origin:MADE IN CHINA

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As per requirments of builders who need longer plank solid hardwood floors, Yorking Hardwood source a few exotic tropical hardwood like cumaru,merbau,kempas & brazilian oak etc to run on machines mill over 6' length prefinished hardwood flooring while merbau is really a durable one prefered in western countries.

Longer merbau hardwood flooring plank may comes with more wood features which also creat a broader space feeling with less end gaps comparing with shorter plank.For whole batch of plank we may add 15% shorter one for easy installation as well as cost saving.

Although long size solid hardwood may costs higher than 2-4' length common one,it really worth to invest for building a perfect house rooms.