Merbau is an informal name. Based on different growing place, it is usually divided as Indonesian Merbau, African Merbau, Sourth African Merbau and Burmese Merbau. Good quality deserve good price. Real merbau wood can be very durable. The question is how to identify it? We can identify some specific merbau, like Indonesian Merbau. There are yellow dots in the middle of wood grain of merbau. It is called golden line.

African Merbau
characteristics: nice glossiness. intricate grain, strong hardness, high strenth and density,  easy for sanding,  turning, and gumminess. Pure naural odour of merbau strongly protect itself from termite. High abrasion resistance.

Usage: suitable for heavy-duty building, high durability requirement, bridge, port and wharf; also can be used for sleeper, heavy duty flooring, vehicle, fishing vessel and tool shank

Feature: low groove on bark, dark brown for internal color, at strong hardness

How to choose your Merbau flooring?

1)African Merbau is the best choice for outdoor decking(flooring), High abrasion resistance cause merbau wood decking being durable outdoor usage: exposed to sunlight,rain water,insect or fugi attacck etc. This costs about 6500 CNY.
2)Indonesian Merbau is at a higer grade. Indonesian Merbau famous for its high density and reddish color. The color would grow more pregnant with time pass by. This costs about 11000 CNY.
3)Malaysian Merbau is suitable for family budget. It just costs 6500CNY or less.

PS: price is based on market, material and size