UV finished acacia golden walnut hardwood flooring

UV finished acacia golden walnut hardwood flooring

Solid T&G 3/4" acacia golden walnut hardwood flooring

Dent resistant 9 coats Aluminium Oxide UV finished smooth surface

Nail down installation 

25 years residential guarantee 

Anti-dampness waterproof plastic film sealed cartons package

Shipping Directly from YORKING HARDWOOD mill plant in China

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golden acacia flooring

acacia wood flooring

acacia wood flooring

acacia flooring

Acacia golden walnut hardwood flooring

Short leaf acacia golden walnut hardwood flooring from Yorking Hardwood which wood  Origin in South China  is absolutely one of the most striking hardwood in the world.We should be aware that premium grade golden walnut acacia like above photo only takes 30% if not selected on purpose among the whole batch of wood plank before production.Therefore, the cost will increase a lot (2-2.5USD/S.Q.F higher ) if you seek the same effect from acacia.Yorking Hardwood is capable to supply the premium selected grade golden walnut hardwood flooring per request thanks to our raw plank wood selection flexibility.

Why acacia golden walnut ?

Notable grain patterns & characteristic hues make this golden acacia flooring species perfect for any home decor.

Golden acacia hardwood flooring  resists warping, cracking, and cupping better than almost all other finished wood floors. Preserve golden acacia  hardwood flooring collection is protected by a 25 year manufacture finish warranty.