merbau outdoor decking wood

What is Timber surface checking? How it happens?

Merbau is an absolutely a natural hardwood, checking comes with the change of weather or climate conditions, as well as inside moisture contents of the timber.Small checking on merbau hardwood timber plank is seen as normal reaction,it will not be a big problem on usage for hardwood flooring or furnitures.For non-expert person, they think wood surface checking is caused by timber water absorbtion or moisture release.But actually it is outside & inside of timber volumertic unequivlent movement cauased the checking as the timber outer parts expanding or shrinkage is always more swift than inside.

Some preservative oil treatment on decking timber could help on equivlent movements for both inside and outside parts of merbau hardwood, to pretect the wood from excessive checking.Kiln dried merbau timber humidity will be controlled close to EMC to insure stability after long time usage.

Nearlly all hardwood moves constantly ( expanding and shrinking),only CLASS 1 & 2 are suitable for outside weathering conditions, merbau is one of few hardwood in the world can stand up such cruel conditions with great durability and stability.