white oak lumbers

Oak wood usually used for wine store in Europe and Ameica, because it has find corrosion resistance.

In Roman Times, solid oak wood floors were popular among royals and nobilities. Ground of palaces, even the famous Saier Palace and the Louvre,  are floor with oak timber.

Solid oak floor is very popular in American, Canada, and contries of Europe. Many  houses with hundred years history is floor with oak. Know that? Shakespeare's house decorate with solid oak floor. 
In recent years, Chinese people favor this solid oak floor and oak engineered wood floor product. There are many other oak timer get people's preference: Europe solid oak floor, American solid red oak floor, mutil-color solid oak floor, 3 ply solid oak floor, mutil-ply full solid oak floor, art solid oak parquet, etc.

Based on the variety of growing enviroment and species, there is a big difference among them. Customers should know more about oak and oak floor for their appropriate wood flooring.
Item:White oak
Family: Fagaceae

Density: 0.63-0.79g/cm3
Appearance:ring-porous wood
Distribution: oak tree mainly distributed in tropical and subtropical zone in America; some in far eastern littoral of Russia, Siberia, Mongolia, North Korea, Japan and northeast of China. Original material for Chinese oak floor imported from Russia.

Characteristic: heartwood and sapwood distinction clear. Heartwood brown to dark brown, sometimes slightly yellow. Sapwood yellowish white with brown, clear growth rings, slightly wavy, wide wood rays obvious. Natural texture clear and beautiful, shiny lubrication. Grain straight slightly staggered; structure slightly rough, uneven; weight and moderate hardness, high strength; large, easily processed, cut smooth, paint, polish and plastic viscosity can be good; strong grip nails, must first punch . Corrosion-resistant, dry and easy, fewer defects.