matt UV finish acacia tigerwood hardwood floors

matt UV finish acacia tigerwood hardwood floors

Satin Gloss acacia in tigerwood grain look
Solid T&G hardwood  3.75" x 3/4"
Premier Selected grade
Smooth pure matt silk finish
Timber Humidity:10%-11%
Price Range: 3.9-4.9USD/s.q.f

This tigerwood acacia series is for high end market, only 15% of bulk quantity raw timber could be mill out for this color effect! We do not keep enough stock , lead time is longer than common one.

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acacia tigerwood - satin gloss

matt finish - acacia tigerwood flooring


Acacia tigerwood flooring refers to the wood plank selected on purpose out of the common grade unfinished acacia wood with character of black mineral lines which looks like another south America origin species - tigerwood.

Combine the fantastic acacia color sheen and similar tigerwood grains ,acacia tiger wood hardwood floors present absolutely magnificent look from interior flooring although it may cost higher than common acacia.

In the meantime , thanks to our factory sufficent stock wood ,we could do specially delivery on 3-4ft long plank unlike common 2-3ft length according customer request!