About Hardwood Flooring


Yorking Hardwood is a leading exotic solid hardwood flooring, oak engineered wood flooring supplier located in Foshan of South China which is close to Guangzhou airport,focus on the fragmented timber flooring market over 12 years. Based on abundant experience of raw material procurement, wood plank milling, seasoning as well as moisture control , advanced timber surface coating technology, we could be your most trusted wood flooring supplier of China. ( more >>>>>> )

Why Hardwood


1.Genuine Real Exotic Hardwood stand up to 25 years above for interior flooring that require no chemical treatment.

2. Natural real solid wood comes with 0% chemical emissions that makes it totally eco friendly for our living rooms while no any artificial matter can compete with.

3. Wood is sponge material of nature , it acts as air-conditional material to adjust your living enviroment temperatures ,cool in summer ,warm in winter.

4. Massive timber is an ideal material absorb noise sound that keeps you comfortable space for living.

5. Hardwood timber floors could be milled in many varieties of designs,color and species for you to choose,satisfy different individuality. 

Supply Advantage

1. Diversified lumber source for quick custom milled hardwood floors by our own factory facility of Foshan with over 20 tropical hardwood species per customer request
2. Regular stock for common solid wood plank floors for quick shipping dircetly from our factory
3. Location with short distance to sea port of Guangzhou saves you more by lower prices
4. Expanding with huge quantity stock( over 200containers per month) laminate wood flooring in more than 150 color varieties,enable small order with wholesale prices.

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asian walnut hardwood flooring

Acacia Walnut - 3.75"x3/4" - Solid Hardwood- Prefinished
(HOT!!!)3.1USD/S.Q.F   5.45USD

Kempas -3.75"x3/4" - Solid Hardwood- Prefinished
2.8USD/S.Q.F   4.55USD

Cumaru -3.75"x3/4" - Solid Hardwood- Prefinished 2.9USD/S.Q.F   4.89USD

Asian Teak - -3.75"x3/4" - Solid Hardwood- Prefinished 2.75USD/S.Q.F   4.35USD

Asian Teak - -3"x3/4" - Solid Hardwood- Prefinished - Herringbone
2.4USD/S.Q.F   4.05USD

Taun - 3.75"x3/4" - Solid Hardwood- Prefinished - Smooth 2.3USD/S.Q.F   3.5USD

Brazilian Oak - 5" x 3/4" - Solid Hardwood - Prefinished - Smooth 2.75USD/S.Q.F     4.3USD

Tobacco Road Teak Hardwood Flooring - 3.75" x 3/4" -  Prefinished (HOT!!!)2.9USD/S.Q.F    4.95USD 


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